DEF.UP Dance tutorial for International Day for People With Disabilities

The DEF.UP Dance Crew, along with choreographer Stephanie Strugar, invited the public to join them for a dance tutorial in honor of the International Day for People With Disabilities. (See Projects to learn more about the DEF.UP dance crew.)

This tutorial was an informal dance lesson for members of the general public, who joined the DEF.UP dance crew for an hour of dance. The last five minutes of the dance event were recorded, and the video was released online later that evening.

Stephanie Strugar of Difinity Dance and the DEF.UP dancers donated their time. The venue was provided at no charge by Young Lungs Dance Exchange. Volunteer ASL-English interpreters were available for the dance tutorial. Arts AccessAbility Network Manitoba (AANM) provided support: advice to make this event happen, online advertising, and being present during the event. MCSD made arrrangements for the volunteer ASL-English Interpreters to be present and set up the information and consent forms on the tables.


  • Difinity Dance
  • Arts Accessibility Network Manitoba
  • Young Lungs Dance Exchange

Photo Gallery photos taken by Alice Crawford, Project Director

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