About Us

Vision Statement

MCSD-DAM’s vision is to integrate Deaf and non-deaf communities with complete accessibility and to empower Deaf culture, arts, and language.

Mission Statement

MCSD-DAM’s mission is to identify and promote innovation initiatives and projects that focus on the contribution of the arts, heritage, and culture and to facilitate inclusive and diverse environments.


  • To promote Deaf culture and signed languages.

  • To raise awareness about the excellence of Deaf arts.

  • To foster a collaborative and barrier-free world.

  • To provide support, professional training, and education for Deaf artists.

  • To develop and build relations and partnerships with art communities.

  • To educate and inform the arts community, policy makers, and arts funders about Deaf artists and audiences.

  • To create and support new initiatives for the creation of new Deaf arts groups.

  • To increase the involvement of the Deaf community in MCSD-DAM.


  • Preserve and endorse the five hallmarks of the Deaf culture

  • Express our value and worth as Deaf artists.

  • Accommodate an ever changing and diverse environment.

  • Enhance and maintain relationships and collaborations with various supporting organizations.

  • Acknowledge intersectionality.