Current and Ongoing

  • New Horizons: Digital Opportunities for Deaf Artists Online

    New Horizons was the first digital exhibition presented by DAM (Deaf Arts Manitoba). Through DAM's support and celebration of the ingenuity of Deaf and Hard of Hearing (DHH) artists, the wider community will see the value and excellence of our artists. DAM hopes and anticipates that this exhibition will lead to new, exciting connections and opportunities for DHH artists.


  • The Magic of ASL

    A bi-annual two-hour theatre performance showcasing emerging and professional Deaf theatre artists. Watch the 2021 Magic of ASL+LSQ:The Covid-19 Edition on YouTube!

  • Together Beyond Sound: Deaf Culture Workshop

    MCSD has realized that Deaf and Hard of Hearing (DHH) dancers need more than just ASL interpretation; they also need non-deaf artists to understand how to teach and direct DHH artists.

  • DEF.UP Dance tutorial for International Day for People With Disabilities

    The DEF.UP Dance Crew, along with choreographer Stephanie Strugar, invited the public to join them for a dance tutorial in honor of the International Day for People With Disabilities. (See Projects to learn more about the DEF.UP dance crew.)

  • Seeing My Voice Exhibit

    Seeing My Voice was the culmination of a nine-month mentorship program for Deaf photographers. The photographers were mentored by Sheila Spence on how to create a gallery show.

  • Nurturing Deaf Arts Weekend

    The three-day Nurturing Deaf Arts event included an art workshop, a grant writing workshop, an artist talk, performances by Deaf artists, and an ASL tour of the Canadian Museum of Human Rights (CMHR).

  • Live Streaming from Toronto: TD Bank Presents: The Defty Awards Gala

    The Canadian Defty Awards promotes and celebrates emerging inter-performative Deaf artists as well as showcasing the works of the award winners. The annual program is run by the Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf (CCSD), based in Toronto, ON. TD Bank sponsors the awards. Each year, the awards focus on a different arts practice. Hosted Deaf Culture Centre

  • DE’VIA ART and Defty Awards Talk

    Two presentations were given by Joanne Cripps, Director of the Deaf Culture Centre in Toronto. The evening presentation was available to all who were interested in this type of art; the following morning's presentation was delivered to the MSD’s students. MCSD wants to inspire young people in this art form.

  • MCSD Photography Art Show

    The MCSD Photography Art Show featured the work of eight Deaf Students of PrairieView Photography School. ASL Interpreters were available for the evening of the show. Refreshments were provided.

  • Dame Glennie Experience at Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra (WSO)

    Dame Glennie of England—who is an internationally renowned Deaf percussionist—joined the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra (WSO) to record an album with the Orchestra. While in Winnipeg, she graciously met with emerging Deaf artists.

  • Town Hall

    The Town Hall was set up to reintroduce the Deaf community to MCSD and to explain the changes the board has made to the organization. MCSD's Mission and Vision statements, along with their goals for the Deaf arts community, were read to the audience.

  • Chrysalis 2013: Transformation and Growth - First Manitoba Juried Deaf Art Show

    The first Manitoba Juried Deaf Art show was hosted by Terry Lacosse—the owner of Lacosse Gallery—and MCSD. Thirteen visual artists exhibited their work: 24 pieces ranging from pencil drawings, photography, paintings, ceramics to prints. Judges were Heather Bishop and Deborah Cardaci.