Chrysalis 2013: Transformation and Growth - First Manitoba Juried Deaf Art Show

The first Manitoba Juried Deaf Art show was hosted by Terry Lacosse—the owner of Lacosse Gallery—and MCSD. Thirteen visual artists exhibited their work: 24 pieces ranging from pencil drawings, photography, paintings, ceramics to prints. Judges were Heather Bishop and Deborah Cardaci.

Two ASL interpreters were present to facilitate communication between Deaf and non-deaf attendees. Storyteller Christine Mitchell was present to express her experiences, and Joanna Hawkins’s performance was played on a laptop for all to watch.

Opening night was a huge success: approximately 150 people attended, with a mix of hearing and Deaf patrons.

Participating Artists

All artists are from Winnipeg / Manitoba unless otherwise noted.


  • Campion Bourque
  • Coleen Turner (Calgary, AB)


  • Jocelynn Johnson
  • Judyta Szacilowski
  • Vanecia Austria
  • Michael Austria
  • Dana Zimmer

Pencil drawing artists:

  • Jessica Szacilowski
  • Denise Watson-Jarigen
  • Joshua Lacosse (California)

Print/Collage artist:

  • Alice Crawford

Ceramic artist:

  • Brenda Roznowski

Bead artist:

  • Jocelyn Schroeder


  • Christine Mitchell
  • Joanna Hawkins

Photos by Dan Zimmer and Alice Crawford

Gallery Photos