Breaking The Sound Barrier Workshop

Breaking The Sound Barrier Workshop

The "Breaking The Sound Barrier" workshops are geared for any arts genre, such as theatre groups on how to teach and direct Deaf artists. Breaking the Sound Barrier: An insight on collaborating with Deaf Artists, a workshop designed to educate non-deaf artists on collaborating with Deaf/Hard of Hearing (DHH) artists. This course will include information and facts of Deaf culture, tips on communicating with DHH artists and advise on coordinating performance base projects. It is facilitated by Shannon Guile and Joanna Hawkins (local artists and founders of 100 Decibels).

*Attendee will be responsible for workshop fees

Those who are interested in taking the workshop, please contact Shannon Guile at:

Shannon has been creating, producing and performing for over fifteen years. She trained as an actor, comedian, mime and stunt performer at the University of Winnipeg, where she received her BA Honours in Theatre & Film. On stage, she is most recognized for her work with the three-time Canadian Comedy Award nominated sketch troupe Hot Thespian Action, which she founded in 2006. Off the stage, Shannon has appeared in over thirty film & TV productions, both as an actor and as a stunt double, because, why not have your cake, eat it and pretend to choke on it while falling down some stairs…too?! In 2012, she developed a mime program for the Deaf community of Manitoba, which lead her to establish the internationally recognized Deaf mime troupe 100 Decibels. In spring of 2021, Shannon performed in the first-ever trilingual children’s play (ASL, English & French) called Plé, which she co-wrote.

Hailing from Lodz, Poland, Joanna Hawkins who is Deaf has always felt a strong connection to the arts. Joanna has performed as a lead in a children's show for young Deaf children and has been involved in several films in Manitoba as a featured extra as well as two television commercials. Joanna has been professionally trained in mime, physical comedy and storytelling by the award winning Hot Thespian Action's Shannon Guile-Hardy. In 2019 Joanna performed as Mrs. Peachum in Sick + Twisted/AA Battery production's "The Threepenny Opera". In 2021, Joanna performed in the first-ever trilingual children’s play (ASL, English & French) called Plé, along with Shannon Guile. Joanna continues enjoying working in theatre/film industry as an actor, ASL translator and ASL coach in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

April 5 & 6, 2023: "Breaking the Sound Barrier" Workshop for the first graduates of the "New Rhythm Dance Teacher" Certificate Program