• Cheryle Broszeit

    From a life filled with linguistic beauty, cultural richness, Cheryle Broszeit’s passion is for the world to see and experience that banquet through the lens of her camera.

  • Alice Crawford

    Alice Crawford is a printmaker who incorporates typography, collage, collagraphs, and/or other printmaking techniques, to bring across perceptions of her surroundings. Love of nature is a basic theme expressed in her work.

  • Misty Greyeyes

    Deaf, Artist, Creativity, Dorky, Funny, Goofy, First Nation Lady, with GREAT EYES LIKE GREYEYES.

  • Bram Keast-Wiatrowski

    Bram Keast is an interdisciplinary artist whose work engages with a visual realm of instability that offers itself to continuous reinterpretation.

  • Ivan Kovalevch

    Ivan Kovalevch was born in Ukraine and lives in Manitoba since 2013. He has a Major in Fine and Decorative Arts from Uzhnorod A. Erdely Art College, and qualified as Artist- Master in 2006.

  • Michael Loucks

    Michael is an artist who tends towards animation-style art using colour pencils and colour marker.

  • Leonardo Salgado

    Leo Salgado is a self-taught photographer with a sincere passion for all things to show the world the stories of people, animals and inanimate objects through his lens.

  • Tina Wall

    Tina Wall is a visual artist. Frustrated with communicating, she expresses herself and her experiences without words with art. Each artwork tells a story, with detail to colour, texture, and symbols to visualize her feelings.