Board of Directors

Andrew Lund - President

Profoundly Deaf from an early age, language deprivation effected my thoughts that caused me to explore crazy things to try (a wilderness). At a Manitoba School for the Deaf, my true language: ASL, caused my language deprivation to disappear opening many new adventures: mime, sports, arts, politics, and others.

I am working at the University of Manitoba as an IT System Administrator and as a board representative for the union, AESES (Association of Employee Supporting Education Services). The experiences taught me how to build our rights as Deaf and Hard of Hearing people.

These journeys built my true language, culture and arts as my visual language. All Deaf desire to preserve their culture, arts and language which display a powerful visual language that we are proud of.

“This wilderness adventure inspires me AND you involving the Deaf and Hard of hearing community to grow our true language, culture and arts. Out there, they are always eager to learn about us, we are here to give them the best service and understanding to build a bridge between us and them.”

Alexandra Calbay-Martin - Vice President

Everybody called her name, Bella. A proudly Deaf Filipina who loves multimedia arts, contemporary dance, and sign language, including spectrum in the expression of her identity, culture and the language. She has participated in performances, artistic activities and events as part of international and local gatherings.

She completed her Master's degree in International Disability and Public Policy Global from American University. During the last decade, she has volunteered and served Deaf youth and federations. She has participated in UNCRPD and leadership workshops through SDEAS, DLS-CSB, PFD, PFDYS and Discovering Deaf Worlds, represented at the WFD, WFDYS and WFDRSAP congress and youth camps. She also campaigned for the Filipino Sign Language (FSL) Act to pass the law. She has experienced various barriers and discrimination, but she strives for excellence and has been a leading advocate, promoting accessibility, raising awareness about deaf dance, community and education in the Philippines.

In 2015, Bella moved to Canada and worked as an Intervenor, Life Skills Counsellor, Care Manager program and all sorts of supports for the deafblind and deaf. Now, she is currently working as Service Coordinator for the Deaf Centre Manitoba, Inc. She has many inspirational stories to share, and looks forward to working with MCSD-DAM.

My Motto is, "The Deaf can dance and express the arts even without hearing."

Astrea Romero - Secretary

Astrea Romero, from Isla Mujeres Mexico, is a 2021 graduate from the RRC ASL-English Interpretation Program in company with a UofM Bachelors in Linguistics.

Alongside her dedication as an ASL Interpreter, Astrea is also a Certified Tattoo Artist since 2009. Growing up in a family of artists, she has always had a passion for expression through many art forms, such as music, dance, and painting, to name a few.

Astrea is eager to harness her enthusiasm for the arts and her dedication to accessibility to serve in the position of Secretary on the MCSD Board. At last, she looks forward to connecting with more individuals in the Deaf arts community.

Alice Crawford - Project Director

Partially deafened at an early age, I spent two years at the school for the Deaf in Belleville before my family moved to Winnipeg. I still retained some words and the alphabet in spite of suppression of ASL by my parents. I have just enough ASL to get by and regret I was not allowed to maintain the language I learned in Belleville.

I am a printmaker and collage artist with a deep interest in accessibility to education for Deaf artists. My passion on this board is to enlighten government and policy makers about Deaf Culture. I hope to help make grants Deaf-friendly so Deaf artists grow in their arts practice and perhaps become future teachers for new generations of Deaf artists. MCSD has made this happen with 100 Decibels, a Deaf Mime Troupe and for Deaf photographers. In the future, we will do the same for other arts disciplines so Deaf artists can reach their full potential.

Michael Stewart - MCSD Treasurer

From the Maritimes, Michael is a new Winnipegger. He is an Honours (4.3/4.5 GPA) graduate in Applied Accounting from Red River College Polytechnic as one of the top 10 Honours students in the program. He is the lone winner of the Lieutenant Governor Silver Medal for academic achievement and volunteering work in the community. Among his educational achievements is obtaining an associate degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2015 from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Michael has been involved with the Deaf and Deaf-Blind Community his whole life. He works for New Directions in Winnipeg as a Community Resource Worker. Since 2017 he works part-time as a junior consultant and data analyst with Deaf Wireless Canada Consultative Committee (DWCC). The committee focuses on telecommunications accessibility for Canadian Deaf, Deaf-Blind and Hard of Hearing communities. He volunteers as a Board Member for Resource Centre for Manitoban Deaf-Blind (RCMDB).

Michael is fluent in English and ASL. In his spare time, Michael enjoys playing disc golf, hockey, golf and participates competitively in chess tournaments around Winnipeg.

Trica Amaro - Membership Director

Born into a hearing family of English, Italian and Canadian decent, Tricia Amaro is an ASL Instructor with an Educational Assistant degree from the Faculty of Education at the University of Winnipeg. She is currently working on her Bachelor of Arts degree from the same university.

She serves on the Board of ECCOE as Secretary, on the boards of MDSA (Manitoba Deaf Sports Association) and MDA. (Manitoba Deaf Association) being involved with events of those two organizations. She continues to play in Deaf sports and enjoys spending time with her daughter and friends.

She strongly advocates for the Deaf and hard of hearing rights and accessibility.

Evan Husack - Past President

Being Deaf since birth, experiencing language barrier is what inspired my involvement in the Deaf community. Since then, I have been advocating in the community through politics, sports, culture and arts.

My previous experience involves assisting the ASL/LSQ Recognition Action rally in 2018. Through my passion with volleyball, I have formed various competitive teams, practices and events for my Deaf and hearing friends to participate to improve their skills.

Graduated from Social Innovation and Community Development program from Red River College. My goal is to cherish and maintain the Deaf community values and culture, hence, my participation with MCSD Board to reach that goal. I look forward to the new challenges the future may bring.