Dame Glennie Experience at Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra (WSO)

Dame Glennie of England—who is an internationally renowned Deaf percussionist—joined the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra (WSO) to record an album with the Orchestra. While in Winnipeg, she graciously met with emerging Deaf artists.

MSCD wrote to Dame Glennie, requesting a brief meeting with her while she was in Winnipeg. She graciously invited MCSD to bring emerging Deaf artists to her WSO rehearsal; after the rehearsal, she invited these artists onto the stage to see, feel, and play her percussion instruments. Dame Glennie believes in "inclusion through involvement."

Youth in Broadway Neighbourhood Centre’s JustTV program videotaped and edited a video of this historic meeting.

About 50 people attended the rehearsal at the Concert Hall. Fifteen people, mostly students, were selected to go on stage to spend a half hour with Dame Glennie.

CTV, Global, and CBC news were present, and interviewed some of the participants. MCSD’s President and two Deaf students were interviewed on camera.

A fee was required for union and insurance purposes in order to allow the participants onto the stage. Gerry Atwell graciously covered these costs on MCSD’s behalf. Heather Bishop arranged the event with WSO, the media, the JustTV video, and other details. Suzanne St Yves worked diligently to solicit students to attend. In addition to covering the fees, Gerry Atwell made many of the arrangements for the event; it would not have been possible without him.

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