New Rhythm Dance Teacher Certificate

Non-deaf dance teachers will learn the best methods of teaching DHH dance students to fully participate in dance classes. They will watch eight short films and attend a Deaf Cultural workshop "Breaking The Sound Barrier" facilitated by Shannon Guile and Joanna Hawkins.

The "Breaking The Sound Barrier" workshops are also geared for any arts genres, such as theatre groups how to teach and direct Deaf artists. Those who are interested in only taking the workshop, please contact Shannon Guile at:

DANCE TEACHERS: A certification program is for non-deaf dance teachers to learn strategies for teaching DHH students by attending "Breaking The Sound Barrier" workshops on Deaf Culture along with watching the films and downloading the documents on strategies.

To certify, Dance teachers:

Do the following two processes in any order you wish in order to receive a certificate:

1. a Watch all films, intro film, four dance strategies films, and three ASL/LSQ lessons for dance terms (total of eight films) for free online. These short films were created through A New Rhythm: Teaching Beyond Sound funded by CCA and MAC, And Building Big Bridges with a Little ASL-LSQ funded by WAC.

1. b Read the four downloadable documents at the bottom of the English captioned dance films page.

Watch English-captioned dance films with downloadable documents
Watch ASL dance terms films

1. c Send an email to and MCSD-DAM will contact you for further information. The recipient of the email will determine if you are ready to take the "Breaking The Sound Barrier" workshop. Once you are ready, you will be placed on a "to be certified pending list" .

2. Register for ‘Breaking the Sound Barrier: please contact Shannon Guile at:

Your attendance will be recorded and forwarded to us so we may deliver your certificate to you once both sections are completed.

This workshop is an insight on collaborating with Deaf Artists, a workshop designed to educate non-deaf artists on collaborating with DHH artists.

This course will include information and facts of Deaf culture, tips on communicating with DHH artists and advise on coordinating performance base projects. It is facilitated by Shannon Guile and Joanna Hawkins (local artists and founders of 100 Decibels).

To learn more about the Breaking The Sound Barrier workshop

*Attendee will be responsible for workshop fees

After completing the two sections, you will receive a certificate stating you are a dance teacher who has completed training and is ready to teach DHH dance students. Your name and studio will be listed on the websites of MCSD-DAM and Dance Manitoba as certified to teach Deaf dancers. This will provide a list of dance teachers that Deaf or HH dance students can access.

The Films

Building Big Bridges Films LSQ films that are part of this program will be available in mid 2022.

To watch the ENGLISH captioned Dance films

To watch the ASL Dance Terms films

Winnipeg Free Press: Arts + Life: Stepping Beyond Sound

First Graduates of New Rhythm Dance Teacher Certificate Program: April 6, 2023: attending the Breaking the Sound Sound Barrier Workshop